Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Our failed ME policy is our crack cocaine dependence on Saudi Oil.

We had a wake up call - and Reagan ignored it (after all, it was "Morning In America"), and oil man George H. Bush just drew us closer to the House of Saud, and Clinton couldn't fight the American petroleum Institute, the North American Automobile Manufacturers Association, and the UAW, and George W. Bush - forget it.

Our over dependence on the Riyadh Oil Cartel is as disastrous as our dependence on the Cali Drug Cartel - or our wink and nod on the Kabul Heroin Cartel.

What is particularly dangerous about the Riyadh Oil Cartel is that at $67+/bbl, the "monopoly rents" are not going to starving Muslims in Niger (except for mere pennies) or to establishing an entrepreneurial infrastructure in Gaza (once you get past Prince Talal's King Holdings Ltd - that's it from the Riyadh Oil Cartel, and Talal is on the outs with the Riyadh Oil Cartel). The "monopoly rents" are going to Wahabi Madrassas, to terrorists, and the terrorist associated "charities" - but not to Seeds of peace or Kingdom Holdings.

Even worse, the Riyadh Oil Cartel is stealing the mineral birth right of the Saudi proletariat - and spending it on bordellos, race horses, casinos, and "extravagances" - but not on "the people" (Saudi proletariat). That is Marie Antoinette and Czar Nicholas II style thinking. And that is who we support in the ME -- and that is who AlQaida is trying to unseat.

Oil and the Riyadh Oil Cartel constitute our failed ME policy.

The absence of an energy policy beyond "drill, drill, drill" and "tax cut, tax cut, tax cut" and "kiss King Abdullah's butt" is our failed ME policy.

On a relative scale, compared to the Riyadh Oil Cartel (and our support) - israel wouldn't (to use an old Coast Guard expression) make a good pimple on a Bosun's Mate's left butt cheek.

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