Monday, August 15, 2005


Is The Oil Industry Behind PNAC?

A Likud-Sharon-AIPAC basis for PNAC has currency in the Progressive Community. This is just plain wrong.

The AIPAC-Israel-Sharon-Likud model is a little bit of an obsolete conspiracy theory. The real backers of the NeoCon Agenda are Big Oil, the armaments makers, and Carlyle.Now that oil is over $67/bbl, and gas is hitting $3.00/gallon, I would propose this more transparent conspiracy theory.

If you want conspiracy theories, I tie the whole Iraq War into a small group of "Big Money" players with "dogs in the fight" ("big Oil" - "Armaments - Carlyle) - not a bunch of right wing psuedo intellectuals with Straussian PhD dissertations from the University of Chicago or Johns Hopkins University - but real "big money" skinny on the table-

Now, let's "connect the dots"

Let's push the "PNAC = Likud" and "PNAC = Big Three + Big Oil" Models

Ask yourself two questions (this is called "engineering sensitivity analysis" - you push one variable to zero or infinitely and tweak the others)

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